Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I really am a loser! 10 lbs!

I haven't been blogging, but I've been using an app called my fitness pal since September 26th, and I've lost 10 pounds as of December 1. I don't weigh my self every week, only when I visit my Dad's house in NJ. But 10 pounds! I had to buy new jeans, as my old ones didn't fit anymore. My goal jeans are still a size too small, but better than 3 sizes too small- how it was when I got off of tour in April. 

SO, there's that. I love the app, I can still eat what I want, but it has taught me portion control. I don't really exercise on a regular basis these days, other than purposefully doing some extra walking throughout the week. I'm averaging about a pound a week loss, and if I did incorporate a regular workout into my day, I think I'd be closer to losing two pounds a week. However, I'm totally satisfied with my 1 lb/wk average. And it'd be amazing if I could keep it up! 

I'd like to brainstorm some ideas of exercising. I struggle with maintainability. I get into something really difficult, and I last for about 2 months, and then it gets old, boring, painful, etc...and I stop. I need to find something that I can do regularly, that doesn't take up my whole day, that makes me feel like I did something without being so difficult or time consuming that I don't stick with it. 

Brainstorming for exercise that I can stick with (that are cheap!):
-warm-up and stretch portion of insanity
-Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred (short video I already own)
-commit to walking every day (harder on my knee than home exercise...and weather dependent)

So I have some ideas. Now, for the motivation to keep it up...here we go!