Sunday, April 14, 2013

4 months later...

Oh hey! It's been a while. Slightly over four months. And in those months, I've lost another 8 pounds. So my total loss is 18. Wee!

I still use that My Fitness Pal app, but I've been TERRIBLE with my eating habits, and not working out at all. Which is why I'm losing 2 lbs per MONTH instead of per week.

I'm inspired by some of my friends hitting their milestones, so I think I'll jump back on the bandwagon of discipline. Lack of exercise and healthy food has contributed to a significant amount of depression, so I think I have to lay off of the booze and junk food and get back into Jillian Michaels DVD's and dance again.

So, here goes. Another 2 lbs and I'll make the 20 lbs down mark! :)