Thursday, May 24, 2012


Alright. I was inspired by Davina and Denise (my delicious D's) to start a weight loss blog, as I need to lose my tour/post-surgery weight and get back to a place where I'm more confident about my body. Being a performer and walking into an audition room with confidence is hard enough as it is, I don't need an inner tube of processed cheesecake and doritos around my waist to weigh me down, metaphorically and physically.

SO. It might be a little bit about eating right, but this blog will do mostly with the exercise portion of weight loss, as that's the area I have the least amount of discipline in. That being said, I took my first tap class since college today, an hour and a 1/2 at BDC, advanced beginner. It was perfect for me, I'm really rusty in my tap technique, didn't have to squat or bend my knee too far, and I sweated. A lot.

I suppose I should get a scale or take measurements or something, so I can track my progress. I would like to exercise in SOME fashion every day. One day a week will be a lot lighter than the other days, like a walk around the park near my apartment, but at least something every day. I should probably come up with a stricter plan than that if I'm to stick to it. Like what I'll do when I don't want to give my various limbs to BDC for dance classes.



  1. Greta! I m so excited that you are blogging, it has made all the world of differnce for me and I am so excited to see you begin this journey. I am also honored that I inspire you. If you need help with measurements, weigh ins (I have a trusty scale & measuring tape) let me know! Also... add the button so I can follow your blog! xoxxo Let's get together this week!

  2. yes, let's! I get back from Memorial weekend festivities on Tuesday evening at some point, so I'd love to get together any day after that! :)