Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Well, yesterday was pretty uneventful. The escalator out of the subway by my nail place (I've only gone's not like I can afford to be a regular, but I did get them done yesterday!) was broken, so I walked the equivalent of 6 flights of stairs, and after that I walked from there to church, about a mile.

Made it out to Jerz to see the family and celebrate by the pool/ hot tub. Today is really a lot warmer than it's been, and sunny for the first time in weeks, so Jill and I walked around the community (a little over 1/2 mile loop) 3 times, so 1.63 miles, and after she went inside, I ran around it once more. So my stats for the day are:

1.63 miles - 30 minutes
.54 miles - 6 minutes (a 11:06 min per mile pace! best yet...of course that's probably because I didn't go very far...whatever!)

And now it's off to enjoy playing with my baby cousin in the pool!

I'm feeling ambitious, maybe I'll bring my sneakers and take a walk around my step g-ma's beautiful neighborhood before dinner...we'll see...

Happy memorial day, all! Hug a soldier :)

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