Friday, August 3, 2012

olympic thoughts...insanity week 4 days 2-4?

Okay, well I did my midnight workout Tuesday night as mentioned in the last post, I did not work out on Wednesday, and Thursday I worked out in the morning before a full day of events. I had a job interview- they liked me, but I'm not sure if they're willing to offer the flexibility I need. Whatevs. Had an audition today (they're so few and far between this time of year, can't wait until the fall!), and did not do insanity today. I ended up helping my Dad sand cabinets for 3 hours, which is a RIDICULOUS arm workout. I did a couple of ab exercises and pushups while watching some swimming olympic races, so I don't feel like a total lard, and I'm just going to do the rest of this week (I think I'm through to day 5 or 6? Not sure...) of insanity tomorrow and Sunday, so that Monday I'm back on track. Monday starts week 5, the week of max recovery. Yikes. NOT looking forward to it.

The olympics have really inspired me, though. I see these people with gleaming muscles, incredible speed, strength, agility, and discipline, and I think to myself: It's definitely not genetics. Have you seen Michael Phelp's mom? Many of the parents are on the chunky side (No judgement!), so that makes me think, it's just because these kids have worked REALLY hard for a long time. My long time only started in June. Gabby Douglas was worried because she had only trained for a couple of years under her new coach. Years. I don't want to be an olympian or that obsessed with a balance beam ever in my life, but if they can do that stuff, I can certainly make it through 60 days of insanity and eating well. Geesh. Let's get it together. Maybe I'll qualify for 2016 summer olympics in trampoline. ya never know.

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