Tuesday, July 31, 2012

insanity week 4 day 1ish?

Okay, so clearly my plans were foiled. It had been three days since I worked out at all, and I was feeling REALLY down on myself, but I went through some stressful couple of days, helping a friend move and all that. Also ate pizza. Delicious failure.

And today was no exception, going on the 4th day of not working out? This can NOT happen! But the day got away from me and before I knew it, it was midnight. But I had just watched women's gymnastics finals, so...I was inspired. And I did plyo. I don't even know what day that's supposed to be, probably Saturday last week. Whatever. I kicked butt. I got my heart rate up super high very quickly, so I had to take longer breaks, but my form for each exercise was better than last time. Slowly but surely!

So, back on track eating-wise and exercise wise. At some point Monday I made a pomegranate greek yogurt pineapple banana spinach smoothie, which was DELICIOUS. Definitely doing that again.

Tomorrow, more insanity, and will try to see a friend's show, go to the zoo, and get my life together! :)