Sunday, July 29, 2012



Yesterday I started plyo, got through the warm up and the stretching, and started watching mens gymnastics on the olympics...and did not make it through the rest of the workout. Today I helped a friend move all day long, so I didn't work out today either.

Plans foiled. I'm frustrated, and when I get frustrated I want to eat junk food and not the loads of fabulous salady stuff and veggies and health that I bought the other day. So today I had pizza for lunch. And dinner. UGH! I am dreading this week of equity auditions, I HATE equity auditions. Especially dance calls. Not like I ever go to dance calls ever, but there are a couple on my list this week that I couldn't make the singer calls. Errrrrrgh. Cranky pants!

I know it will get better, I just have to stay committed. Not sure how I want tomorrow to play out. If I get up early, sign up, do insanity, go back for a dance call, or just go to the singer call (which they recommend if I want to be considered to go to the dance call), so...bleh. Will try to figure it out.

Off to a rough week, feeling really fat (regardless of the progress I've made). Can't go backwards.

Guess not every day can be super pumped I'm feeling awesome kind of days. Hopefully tomorrow will be.

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