Thursday, July 12, 2012

week 2 day 3

plyo again...I pushed myself harder than I ever have. I made it completely through the warm-up without stopping, and did just about everything except the last round through the 3rd circuit. And even then I did some of the pushups.

Plyo works like this:
Warm up: 3 rounds through 5 or 6ish exercises
3 rounds through a set of 5 or 6 jumpy/squatty exercises
3 rounds through a set of basketball jump squats/level 1 drills/more jumpy stuff in plank position
Arm work

So that last round through the basketball/drill/plank things just was not as strong as the others were, but last time through I didn't even do it at all, nor did I complete nearly as many of the other exercises in the other circuits. Woo!!

My body is tired today. Glad I have recovery today! Recovery isn't as difficult heart-wise, and I'm not so beat at the end, it's only 30 minutes, but I'm still sweating, it's a lot of slow squats. Let's see how we do! Enjoy the day y'all!

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