Sunday, July 15, 2012

week 2 day 6/7

So I didn't manage to do two in one day, so I did the extra one today and I'm just not going to do the recovery for this week. I took 2 technical days off, that's recovery enough. Back on track for this next week, hopefully I won't have to rearrange schedule stuff and I'll just be able to do all the workouts as they are.

Did pure cardio/cardio abs today. Added in cardio abs for the first time and UGH. I was so afraid of what was to come, I didn't want to work hard in pure cardio. I took more breaks than I would have liked, and I didn't work as hard as I know I can. I think if I add in more veggies and antioxidant rich fruits (more protein's a given...) and less useless carbs (like pasta), that will give me more energy. Now I can't cut out carbs altogether, they are energy and we need them to survive these crazy workouts, but there are healthier carbs than others, complex carbs that also pack a lot of nutrition. Pasta does NOT. ha. darn.

Feeling chubby and bloated, bleh. It's only temporary, but this week will definitely be more of a challenge...I'll know for sure that I'm "insane" if I "dig deeper" as Shaun T says during my TOM (as D calls it). Woo! Let's do it!

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