Saturday, July 14, 2012

insane week 2 day 5

Well, I didn't do cardio recovery on wednesday. I think I decided to take that as my day off and instead of taking my day off Sunday, I'll do cardio recovery then. Yesterday I didn't do anything, schedule crap got in the way, so I did day 5 (power/resistance) this morning and I'll do day 6, what was supposed to be today (pure cardio AND cardio abs) tonight, if I have the energy. If not, I'll just skip the cardio recovery/day off Sunday and do pure cardio and cardio abs then. They'll all get fit in with plenty of rest and recovery in between.

I have a couple of friends doing it along with me (besides the crazy tour guys who do it all the time, on their second round...manly pushup talk bla bla bla). J is a day ahead and D is a week-ish behind. I LOVE that I have such encouragement from both ends, and we're all strong happy confident women who are absolutely insane. It's perfect!

On a more personal note, my upper undergarments which fit before tour, were too small and I was spilling out after tour, after trying one on today, they fit again! It's the little things.  I can't WAIT to get into my skinny jeans. YAY! So glad my insanity support system is growing.

A weekend with no roommates = awesomeness. I have to go to Duane Reade to pick up some things, but other than that, it's planting myself in front of the TV for an R&R afternoon. More insanity tonight.

Happy weekend! :)

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