Wednesday, July 25, 2012

gettin behind!

Okay,'s the scoop.

Monday I did Saturday's workout, hoping Tuesday would be Week 4 day 1, but I didn't do it yesterday. So I'm two days behind. PLUS, I decided to go B's workout session, she's training to get certified, so her hour long classes are free. It's a mix between insanity, pilates, weight training, and death. Much harder than insanity, because she kept telling me to keep at it, improve my form, etc. Which held me accountable, and for insanity, I can take breaks whenever I want. BUT, I don't want to get behind with insanity!

So here's the plan.
Thursday: week 4 day 1
Friday: week 4 day 2
Saturday: week 4 day 4 (skipping recovery)
Sunday: B's class

Monday: week 4 day 5
Tuesday: B's class
Wednesday: B's class
Thursday: week 4 day 3 (making up recovery)
Friday: week 4 day 6
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: week 5 day 1

aaaaaand finally back on schedule. I will be working out, it will just take me two weeks to get through week 4 because of B's training classes.

Yay! Gettin' fit y'all!

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