Friday, June 8, 2012

c'monnnnnn Greta!

Well, it's been an emotionally difficult week. I have done a lot of walking around the city, and I've been really good about my eating habits, so I guess I don't really have anything to be mopey about, but...alas, mopeyness abounds. I think once I go home to PA (today!), get all the crap I need (videos, yoga mat, food processor, etc), I will feel a lot more prepared and motivated.

I did have a dance callback, and when that doesn't lead to a job it's called a free dance class. So I did some dance cardio for 45 minutes yesterday, which is awesome. I am so ready to get all my measurements and really get started. I'm picking up all the supplies in PA/NJ this weekend. I've been procrastinating until I went home to get that stuff, which is silly. Will also probably do some more Zumba choreographing (I'm SO SICK of my current routines), which will be super fun.

Anyway, I'd like to make a much more structured plan, take measurements, and all that. Now's the time, folks! Let's get up and get movin'!

Love to my two D's, who keep encouraging me even when I feel like poop on a stick.

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