Friday, June 15, 2012

productive week!

Tuesday I had 2 auditions, and that same day got a callback from one of them for dance. They didn't ask me to stay after that, but I got a free 40 minute SUPER cardio dance class, not difficult, but very high energy and fast paced, which means I was sweating bouquets.

Wednesday, my sweet friend Erin took a bus to see me for a sleepover. Did a lot of walking then, but yesterday we calculated we walked 3 miles throughout the whole city, up and down between restaurants and stores and adventures! Making me feel marginally better about the cheesecake and cupcake we ate. Yikes. Sugar spike!

Today I had a wonderful wonderful lunch date with a new friend. We packed lunches to not only save money (giiiirl you know actors is thriftay!) but to be healthier, too. And she inspired me in so many ways, not just in my eating/exercising discipline, but in my spiritual discipline, too. I was so incredibly encouraged, and then walked from the bottom of Central Park up to the top, 2.5 miles. Beautiful view, didn't have to stop at each block and look for traffic since I was on the park side, and the weather was incredible.

Overall I'd say a good week (aside from the sweets). Old friends and new friends, slowly making healthier choices and habits are starting to form. I like it.

Happy weekend!

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