Monday, June 11, 2012

run freedom run

Saturday while I was babysitting a sleeping child, I did about 30 minutes of lighter-impact Zumba in the living room, and yesterday was the TONY'S. To be fair, I've never actually watched them before, and certainly never hosted a party for them, but I made a delicious pasta/chicken sausage/spinach/ mozzarella casserole which was a hit, we had wine, and I did have a couple cookie/brownie things that Ange made. So, not the greatest overall, but watching the Tony's definitely inspired me to be fit!

So today, instead of being mopey like I've been for the past two months, I decided to run in and around central park. I found the reservoir eventually, and ran (jog/walked) around that. --Total 2.5 miles.
-8 pushups (not the girl kind!)
-30 sec. plank
-3 sets of 10 each shoulder/bicep/tricep (from here on out known as sho-bi-tri) with my resistance band

And a nice stretching time afterwards. Got my sweat ON!

Hopefully will get together with my D this week? I love working out with a buddy.

This week's off to a good start. Happy Monday!

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