Saturday, June 2, 2012

late update.

well three days have gone by without any actual put my big girl shoes on and exercise. walking around the city is the most I've done (and helped a friend I lifted?).

BUT I'm feeling inspired (at midnight on a Saturday). I am in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. The only food I possess is peanut butter and frozen green beans. So I'm excited to get a lot of fresh veggies and fruits and healthy stuff. Woo! Also, I decided that I should probably not sign up for a gym, as it's expensive and exercising is free if you have some structure to your schedule and stick to it. I also have an enormous living area in which to work out that's air conditioned, so I have the space. I have a ton of crap at my mom's (yoga mat, weights, videos, etc.) that I'd LOVE to use, but I won't be going to PA for at least another week or two, so I will just have to be creative until then. Once I come up with a schedule/plan, I'll post it on here.

My 25th birthday is in a little over a month, and I think setting small goals along the way will be helpful instead of just "I'm tired of being a chubb-o!" So my goal, since I still don't have a scale, will be to fit into my skinny jeans. They're an Old Navy size 8 (which means everywhere else size 10...Old Navy likes to make us girls feel good!), and I'm currently in a 14 (non ON, so in ON language, I'm a 12). Numbers are always subjective, but I think fitting into my skinny jeans is a tangeable goal. Maybe not in a month, but we'll see. I'd also settle for just feeling better. Lethargy is an ugly feeling, and filling my body with carbs and processed food doesn't make me feel any better. So I'm tired of feeling like poop on a stick all the time, and I really like those jeans, so...plan hashing: ago!

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